Dog Training Tips For Hard-To-Train Dogs

Beginner hobbyists often complain, because it's hard to make the dog obedient and easy to get along with a new employer. Especially if you do not wear trainers, would be more troublesome. Well, below I will give you the solution, about how "down" train the dog yourself. Enough to train yourself hobbyist.

Giving Valentines
Love is the most important capital, to make the dog to be obedient and affectionate reply to his master. When you first become acquainted with the dog, prospective employers must hold, stroking his head or patting the dog's chin and chest to be bought. This method will allow the hobbyist to quickly familiar with the dog. Dogs have instincts or instinct is quite strong. Even sharper than a human instinct. If he is treated like that, his instinct would say that he has the affection of strangers it.
Similarly, if the dog has become one of our family members at home. We should more often reprimanded or called his name at every opportunity. Whether it's time to go to work or when going home. If the dog responded by barking, you need to stroke his head, tapped his chin or chest. If the tail wagging its tail, then he's in a state of happiness. Better yet, if you always carry a small can of food with bread, sliced meats and more.
Familiarize dogs also recognize each member of the family, people close to your home or guest. The trick is to introduce the dog's name to people known to the family, so everyone who can come in a place that will see his name every time.
Often took a walk, that dog was protected even outside the home environment. Instead, he would be angry if they see anyone trying to harass the employer.

Every time you do the basic training on the dog, the dog try to eat or give something that makes him happy.
Training a dog to sit. The first step is to press the lower back gently. Every time you make a sentence saying that the command to sit. If the dog has to obey commands and can sit still, give him praise and provide snacks.
Exercise the dog pee. Often we are bothered by our dog defecate in any place. If you know the dog defecate in a place that is not the place, take the dirt and show it to him, and then dispose of the place we want. If done frequently, a dog will understand and obey our will.
Recognizing the dog exercise room. Every time a bell rings means there is a guest house, ordered the dog to bark. if the guests were people we know, we quickly ordered the dog to stop barking and walk away with a friendly greeting. The dog must be able to distinguish each of the guests who come visit our home.
Usually for dogs as young as 4-7 months, still has a mischievous nature. For example, like dropping objects in the house, damaging the sofa, taken food on the table and others. If you know it, you prepare a paper roll of paper like a club in dogs. Thus, the dog will realize that what was wrong, and did not feel hurt.
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