CONTAGIOUS DOG ON HEPATITIS (Infectious Canine Hepatitis)


Infectious hepatitis in dogs has been widespread in the world, with symptoms ranging from mild fever and the damming of the mucous membrane to severe forms, depression, leucopenia, and increases the apparent length of time frozen blood.

Infectious Canine Hepatitis Canine adenoid virus is Caused by a virus-1 (CAV-1). These viruses Including DNA viruses, no antigenic air envelope and CAV-2 are related to the Causes of infectious tracheobronchitis in dogs.

Clinical symptoms of
Hepatitis contagious fever symptoms Vary from mild to lethal. The incubation period is 4-9 days. Symptoms include fever above 40 ° C and Lasts 1-6 days, usually is biphasic, tachycardia, and leucopenia Occurred. Other symptoms of apathy, anorexia, thirst, conjunctivitis, serous relearn of the nose and eyes, Sometimes accompanied by stomach pain, vomiting also can occur as well as subcutaneous edema was found the head, neck and chest.

Intravascular coagulation (disseminated) is a common and Important in the pathogenesis of disease. Respiratory symptoms are usually not seen in dogs with ICH.
In the dog recovered, usually eat right but slow growth of the body. Seven to ten days after the acute symptoms began to disappear, about 25% of dogs will recover WHO experience clouding (opacity) of the cornea and may disappear spontaneously.

Diagnosis is determined by the incidence of bleeding and sudden increase of the length of time frozen blood. Diagnosis is confirmed by virus isolation, or found immonoflourescens inclusion bodies are characteristic of liver cells.

Prevention and Treatment
Blood transfusions may be Necessary in dogs with severe, besides an additional 5% dextrose in isotonic saline should be administered intravenously. At the time of frozen blood any dog slow, subcutaneous infusion of fluids is very Dangerous.

Such broad-spectrum antibiotics can be given as tetracycline during tooth development (fetus before birth, new birth, the early stages of birth) can cause discoloration of the teeth and this drug should not be given to the dog before permanent teeth grow.

To Prevent this disease may benefit from vaccination and the vaccine is Often combined with other vaccines. Immunization against ICH is recommended at the time of Immunization against distemper dogs.

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