The best treatment is a sick puppy to the vet visit. Ignoring the symptoms of the disease can cause serious illness. After undergoing appropriate treatment, make sure you use all the good efforts to help your puppy recover from the condition.

Doing Maintenance Diet
You can take advice from a specialist dog on a diet should be given to the sick puppy. You also need to keep a tight schedule for the amount of food and drinkenough so that the health condition of your puppy back to normal.

maintain Hygiene
Make sure that you keep your dog clean and also keep the area neat and clean. Clean your dog's eyes and ears on a regular basis and maintain a healthy coat and skin. pet feces should be removed and the dust should be washed to avoid the presence of microorganisms around our pets. Make sure that pets do not bite, because it can transmit the disease to other dogs at home.

Took a walk
Spend more time to take your dog for a walk, would just make sure not to fatigue. One of the points a puppy care is to make your dog exercise regularly, as recommended by your doctor.

Love is the panacea
Just like us, sick children will always want company; your pet is sick you may also want along with a longer time than usual. Providing a special time for your puppy will make them feel loved and pampered. This is one of the most effective way to see your dog recover from an illness.

Do not forget to check your puppy, despite showing signs of recovery. In fact, regular inspection is a good practice to prevent your puppy from getting sick.

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