How To Train Your Dog Fast


"My dog did not obey when called". "My dog barking continue to the point That the neighbors complained." "My dog always jumps at me and our guests." In this case, the frustrated dog owner asked, "What should I do?"

Perhaps, the answer is to Provide basic obedience training to your dog, teach him to obey simple commands. Of course, to give the best results when training your dog is still small. But old dogs can learn. Marcos a professional dog trainer in Mexico, said, "Our youngest dog trainer was four months old, and the oldest of five years. But I've taught basic obedience to dogs That have been aged ten years."

Dogs are intelligent animals. They have been Trained to track drugs and explosives, Helping people with disabilities, and carry out missions of search and rescue. Well, how you can train your dog to obey him?

The nature of congenital

First of all, you need to know the dog's innate nature. As with wolves, dogs instinctively live in groups under one leader. You Consider your family dog as a group, and he must understand That you are the leader.

In a wolf pack, the leader will choose the highest and warmest place to sleep. He juaga eat before the others. So, if your dog is allowed to sleep in your bunk, or up to the furniture, he will conclude That he was the leader. The same thing can Happen if he was given a piece of food at the time you're eating.

Even your dog can be taught from childhood That he is Beneath you. How? Try to keep her face until she turned away. Another great form of exercise is rubbing his belly while he was lying, Because It put him in a subordinate position. If your dog is misbehaving and acting up while you still say "Stop", Trying to ignore him and leave the room.

If your dog obey your commands, it was a sign he recognizes That you are the leader. If you as a leader, your dog can conclude That he is equal to or higher than you, and this can affect Their behavior.

How To Teach Simple Commands

To teach the basic commands to your dog, you need a collar, leash, and a myriad of patience. One user suggested:

Give simple commands with a single word.
Display the action you want.
Immediately praise when he does it.
Your tone is more Important than your words. A command must be pitched firmly, and praise should be happy and warm tone.

Physical punishment, Such as hitting or kicking, is not required. "I simply say 'Stop' and sharply higher for the dog to know that I am not happy with his behavior," said Marcos, the coach of the quotation at the beginning. He added, "Dogs are smart enough to distinguish whether you are being praised or scolded."

If you have to act Tougher, hold the neck and shake gently, saying "Stop". Warning should be given during or Immediately after the dog was doing something That is not in want of his. Remember, a dog will not know why he was mad a few minutes or hours after his or her delinquency. He also cannot understand why his actions and allowed Sometimes not. So, you have to be consistent.

The most basic command is "Sit!" If your dog understands this command, you can control it if he Becomes too excited. For example, you can tell him to sit when he began to jump to the guests. To teach your dog to sit, attach a rope, and gave orders That his body while holding the back of his head down and pull up gently using a rope. Then, Immediately praise. Repeat these steps until your dog to obey. to teach your dog to REMAIN seated, use the command "Quiet!" while standing in front of her and stretch your hand to him with the palm facing down. If he moves, say "Stop" and return him to the starting position. Repeat this command, and praise your dog when he remained seated for a time. If he obeyed the order, he sat Extend time and also the distance Between you and your dog gradually.

The best way to teach your dog to come closer is to use a long rope and pull it gently while giving the command "Come!" As he approached you, step back as he continued to praise him. Not long before he will obey you without Needing to be drawn with a strap. If your dog is struggling and not willing to obey the command "Come!", Call and ran away. Typically, dogs will instinctively chase.

Be careful: Do not ever use the word "here" Reasons for bad, like to scold. Your dog must learn to obey the command That "Come" will bring pleasurable results. If you teach this command with a temper tantrum, your dog will conclude That the command is not fun and should be avoided.

You can also teach your dog to walk beside you, not ahead or behind. For that, use a chain of exercise and a short rope. Granted the dog on your left side and then give the command "Go!" While stepping with the left foot. If he tries ahead of you or behind, the rope Quickly tapping patting your left knee and say "feet”. Praise when he obeyed.

How to train your dog not to jump up at you? The first method step back while giving the command "Get back!" And then commanded "Sit!" Another method is to capture both front legs and advanced toward him while repeating the command "Get back!" Praise when he complied.

Faithful Companions

Remember, dogs are gregarious animals. If too long locked up, he will Become hyperactive, constantly barking, and destructive. With proper training, your dog can be loyal friends a fun-not to be bullies.

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